Seek Love. Find Your True Self.

YogiStoned was created to encourage and empower you to remember who you magnificently are. And who you are not.

You are not your body or your brain. You are something much deeper than skin and bones, thoughts and emotions.

You are love.

We created YogiStoned to inspire you to Flow Baby Flow with what is and to release what was. To help you remember that you are a Soular Power, a force from the inside out. We’re making sure you never forget that you are Cosmic Love and cosmically loved. And when you truly acknowledge and dig your own light, you empower others to dig their own and shine it bright.

All we want for you is to keep remembering who you are: A good soul of self love, self healing, self respect. Do Yoga. Meditate. Create. Travel. Release. Keep making more room for the real you.

We'll keep creating the Good Vibes one design and OM at a time.


We love you.

Our clothing’s origin.

YogiStoned is yoga inspired apparel born with the soul purpose of helping you reconnect with you. Stunningly soft, incredibly inspirational, highly washable tees, tanks, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, yogistoned isn’t just for for yogis, it’s for good souls - this is your new favorite brand.

YogiStoned feels as good on you as it does on the earth. Our mantra is “do no harm.” But we know that unintentional harm can come from even the simplest of acts, like taking a walk. Our clothing is of the highest quality, born of eco-conscious manufacturing from solar-powered sewing floors that create nearly zero landfill.

Your origin.

Remember a time when it was enough to just sit under a tree, listen to the wind and dream? Then life happens. A life of detours and distractions - keeping you mired in doing, doing, doing. Until one day you suddenly find you’re no longer familiar with the beautiful landscape of your inner world. The place where the original you still thrives.

Your true self isn’t frazzled or overwhelmed. It romps and plays. It knows the intrinsic power of imagination and creativity. Most importantly, it knows the value of no-mind. A place where you can be present and free of the chaos that rules you.

Feel like a human being versus a human doing.

Welcome you back.

You’ve been waiting.

Our origin.

YogiStoned is any moment when the world outside of you and the world within you become one. It can come after a yoga practice or in meditation, watching the clouds float by or even getting lost in a cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles. It can arise while running a marathon, planting a tree, or witnessing the setting sun. It doesn’t matter when, why or where. These are the divine connections, when you come to understand you are much more than you were ever told. Or remember. You are pure love, baby. And you are loved.