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What’s your Yoga?

Whatever get’s you feeling good about you, do that. This is YogiStoned.


Flow Baby Flow

When the rhythm of what you’re doing syncs up with the beat of your heart, that’s flow baby.

Yogis will tell you that the flow is life energy itself. Philosophers encourage us to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance change brings. Neurologists report neurochemical changes that induce hyper focus. When you accept all that is and all that isn’t, all you do has a way of moving forward with effortless ease. Musicians refer to it as being “in the pocket”. Runners call it a high. We call it Yogistoned – that moment when you forget to care about what time it is – and you flow baby flow.

cosmic love

Self love is all we need.

When you can love yourself without conditions or limits you give others permission to do the same. Love is that simple. Love yourself, and watch everything in your life move loving into place. You begin to open yourself up to experiences that are good for. Your vibration will no longer be able to connect with lower, toxic energies. Love attracts love. Cosmic love is much more than a mantra on a shirt - this is a self love revolution and a reminder to take care of your loving heart. Self love is the greatest love of all - it’s what connects us all.

Soular Power

You were born with more power than you might remember.

We created Soular Power to help remind you of your soul’s ability to electrify and energize a world of powerful and positive vibes. If you can open up to the idea that everything in your life happens for your greatest good, you’ll begin to watch for signs, synchronicities and you will begin to connect with the energy of your soul’s true essence and purpose. Let your inner sun shine out baby.


Tap into that just out of yoga feeling, anytime.

You know that feeling. When you’re steeped in something deeper than yourself; when you’re swept into the liquid energy flow of life. When an exhale shifts you from the chaos and into stillness, and a peaceful calm settles within you. We call this YogiStoned.

Your original self is not frazzled or overwhelmed. It romps and plays. It knows the intrinsic power of imagination and creativity. Most importantly, it knows the value of no-mind - a place where you can be still and dream, where you move from a human “do”ing back to a human “be”ing.


My light digs your light.

No matter how you express it, Namaste invokes a sense of sharing a spiritual connection and creates a sense and feeling of oneness and balance. Namaste has many translations but one universal intention - to connect.

“My soul honors your soul.”

“I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides.”

“I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.”


Whatever is good for your soul, do that.

Do things for the purpose of feeding your light, your soul, not your ego and you will be happy and free. Charles Bukowski writes, “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.” What if we could only see souls versus a body, how different our ideals of goodness and beauty would be. We are all good. There are moments we glow. For harder to view moments, we created Good Soul. This is your chance to live it. Wear your goodness, proudly.


 The origins of Hamsa differ from one culture to another through out the world but it’s sole purpose is the same: protecting you from negative energy or people wishing harm against you – otherwise known as “the evil-eye”. It is said that the person who holds this emblem close to them will be protected at all times. The All-Seeing eye at the center of the Hamsa serves as a symbol of the watchful and protective power in the world.


A Hamsa Prayer

Let no sadness come to this heart,

Let no trouble come to these arms,
Let no conflict come to these eyes,
Let my soul be filled with the blessing
of joy and peace.


OM (sometimes spelled AUM) is often the first and last sound you’ll hear in a yoga class.

OM is also said to be the sound of the universe. If you listen to the sages: “It’s a sound that validates oneness and harmony. We chant it because yogis have for thousands of years. And when we chant it, we’re connecting with those yogis in a ritual way, and drawing upon the support of the practices they’ve been doing for a long, long time.” ~ Yogananda


We’re all about raising the vibration and it begins with you.

Imagine if each of us tuned into the good vibes within us and around us. It’s been said, “If thoughts become things, choose the good ones.” What if we were all choosing good? Do we believe a super soft, uplifting, vibrational shirt can influence you to rise higher each day? You bet your yogi-butt we do. Let’s be the solution, everyday.


love is always the better answer.

this is a tank full of love. it's a mantra. love is a higher frequency to live by. love anyway. even when everything is telling you to hate. love anyway. if you have every reason to be angry. love anyway. if someone is unable to love you back. love anyway. when you feel you are not worthy of your own love. love anyway & always.