You Dig Us!

Thank you for all the wonderful likes and loves! We dig your light too! Namaste.

When I wear my YogiStoned shirts I feel the connection I have to the invisible side. The part of the universe that connects us all to each other, to love. The simple messages in the shirts as well as the way they feel on my skin, soft flowy effortless reminds me to embody this way of being!!! I love these clothes!!!
— Beth James, Yoga Instructor, Creator of Barefoot & Free Festival, Yoga Retreat Goddess
My newly acquired YogiStoned long sleeve is bounding with versatility. The shirts’ flattering fit and high quality fabric make it fun to wear out to a casual girls night but its softness and flexibility also make it perfect to wear for my daily yoga practice.
— Alexandra Bailey, Critical Care Nurse, Runner, Dancer, Yogi
I’ve purchased more than one YogiStoned shirt because I LOVE the unique sayings and how comfortable they are! I prefer supporting small businesses and I really like that YogiStoned donates a portion of their profits. The quality is excellent, I wear my shirts all the time so I’ve run them through the wash A LOT and they still look good as new. I can’t wait for the new designs to come out so I can add to my YogiStoned collection!
— Rachel, Dog mommy, Graphic Designer, Yoga Instructor
Yogistoned says it all in the name, it’s that natural high that can only come from practice. The love and happiness is only accelerated by the coziness of their apparel.
— Kirsten Beyer, RYT Yoga Instructor, Creator of Hub Yoga Project
My favorite is the off the shoulder flowy shirts! They wear perfectly for working out or hanging out. They are soft, flowy and oh-so-comfy! I wear and wash mine often and it’s still as cozy as the day I bought it. If you’re looking for cute and cozy shirts - you won’t be disappointed.
— Rachel Cole, Film & Commercial Producer, Artisan
This t is more than its flirty design & softness, I feel the words. They empower me - they push me to remember my uniqueness, my inner strength. It makes me happy!
— Michelle Gaffga, Colorado University Boulder, Alumni Funding Manager, Hiker, Yogi
I picked my YogiStoned t-shirt because of how soft it feels on my body. But I also picked it for its remember that when life gets challenging, it helps me, and hopefully a few others to breath and ‘flow baby flow’.
— Annie Hunter Lepkowski, Landscaper, Proud Mom, Soulful
I purchased the “flow baby flow” tank being a regular at vinyasa classes. It has been kind to me when I’ve used it to wipe sweat off my face, and after many washings continues to radiate love. I have come to believe that this tank top was made from loving kindness. I will definitely purchase another.
— Katie Page, Veterans Counselor PTSD, yogi, runner
I’ll take one in every color. Incredibly well made, unique designs. Nothing compares to the softness and washability of YogiStoned. Mindful touches to this brand, from blog posts right down to the beautiful retail tags that remind you of what it means to love your true self – I use it as a bookmark.
— Sharon Weber, YogiStoned Owner’s Mom
The cut, softness and style of this shirt are better than I even anticipated. LOVE this tank (and have received many compliments on it, too!)
— Jenny Foss, Creator of, Mom, Yogi, Runner
My yogistoned shirt is the perfect definition of that after savasana cozy vibe. I love practicing in my tank- it’s soft and moves with me as I flow. I got yogistoned in a long sleeve as well, an off the shoulder tee and it is the greatest when I need to whip off my sweaty tank and go freestyle in it for a breezy bohemian feel.
— Melissa Weber, Yoga Instructor, Creator of YogiStoned