About Us

My Origin:

Melissa Weber, Soulful Human/Writer/Designer/Yogi/Teacher/Student

I know now what I’ve been seeking is my own self acceptance. To love who I am. To acknowledge that I am love. Aren’t we all?

But if you don’t know who you truly are, it’s hard to accept or even warm up to such a distant stranger. But let me tell you, the real you is in there. I promise. Keep seeking love and you will find you.

I disappeared at the age of 15. I caught a glimpse of me again at my first yoga class at the age of 23. That was 17 years ago. It was such a powerfully loving and freeing experience that I never went back. I wasn’t ready to be free or loved.

Then about bout eight years ago, after a painful breakup, deep depression, lost jobs, family problems, yoga found me. I was ready. I was ready to say hello, to acknowledge my pain as a friend and to accept the mud of my life as the fertilizer that would grow me. I was bruised enough and now brave enough to seek, to be still, to listen for the truth of who I really was. The sages speak about it, how once you get a glimpse of your true self, there’s no turning back. It’s not easy, this “loving yourself” thing. But to love and truly live authentically we must discover who we really are. So inward I went. 

Yoga and meditation became doors and windows to enter. A slow exhale, a healing and grounding mantra, a warrior pose - each reminders of my power, a connection to a deeper gratitude that I am here, alive, a fragile yet unbreakable human be-ing. By moving inward, by leaning into the pain, by allowing discomfort and staying with it, by learning to love fear I became whole.  I began to understand more clearly how caring for self allows us to care better for each other. I began to see that not loving myself was a disservice to the world. I began to see my potential.


Today, I am not only a practicing yogi, I’m a yoga teacher.  And this is where 25 years as a creative director and writer in advertising yolks with yoga as a student & a teacher. A powerful combination that has launched YogiStoned - a brand I hope will be of service to you, to give you a way back to that fearless, original self that awaits in you.


YogiStoned is a yoga inspired apparel line with much more to come. Just like yoga, we are ever evolving, finding new ways to help others reconnect to the true self. From the softness of our clothing to the inspiring designs, YogiStoned  It’s that unconditional self-love that we simply forget. It’s time to remember who you are again.


YogiStoned has many people to thank who have helped us arrive at this point. Some new friendships and working relationships continue, others were lessons of grace and courage learned along the way. There is forever a place of love and appreciation for all who have so generously offered inspiration, attention, advice, heart and energy. Thank you Beth James, Kiley Vroom, Peter Lee, Nick Van Wagnen, Candice Villenueve, Carl Winans, Linda Makowski, Gladiola Ulqinaku, Stephanie Ruopp, Michelle Gaffga, Alexandra Skrisson, Kirsten Weller, Stephanie Boyd, the gang at ImagAmerica, Kristi Green, Annie Hunter Lepkowski, Sarah Rollins, Nancy Jo McCaochan, Kirsten Beyer, Brandi Dearth Vander Eyk, Liz Crenshaw, Jill Weber, Tina Weber, Logan, Ayden & Leila Weber, Rachel Cole, Natalie Foss, and my inspiration, the man who reminds me daily that I am whole and can live without him - Don Crowley.


The list will continue, as will the gratitude.



Melissa Weber

YogiStoned Founder & Souldier